Experimenta Recharge presents the work of artists who employ, critique and experiment with media and technology. The exhibition’s thematic and title, Recharge, focuses attention on artists whose work is inspired by and entangled with the past. Recharge asks: does knowledge change when it is presented in different technological forms and cultural contexts? Through processes of experimentation, and by producing unconventional perspectives, can artists illuminate knowledge for new generations? Can an artwork lead us to new modes of consciousness?

Media art was born from developments in computer technology that made possible a far wider interplay between disparate technologies and disciplines due to computer processing power. For this reason, media art is inherently multidisciplinary. Recharge features artworks that draw from photography, biology, sculpture and installation, electromagnetics, sound art, robotics, gaming, dance, the world-wide-web, performance, programming, animation, film, video, and analogue television. The exhibition includes works by more than 20 acclaimed Australian and international artists, and five new works commissioned for the biennial. The artworks in Recharge enrich the exhibition with a number of sub-themes, including portraiture; the ownership of knowledge; understandings of time – scientific, spiritual and bodily; and the relationship between communication technology and the archiving of information.

Artists include: Brook Andrew (Australia); Yunkurra Billy Atkins and Sohan Ariel Hayes (Australia); Cake Industries (Dean Petersen and Jesse Stevens) (Australia); Maree Clarke (Australia); Maitha Demithan (United Arab Emirates); Christy Dena (Australia); Anaisa Franco (Germany / Brazil); Michaela Gleave (Australia); Korinsky (Germany); Svenja Kratz (Australia); Stuart McFarlane and Darrin Verhagen (Australia); Khaled Sabsabi (Australia); Leisa Shelton (Australia); La Société Anonyme (Netherlands); Garry Stewart with Australian Dance Theatre (Australia); teamLab (Japan); Tele Visions (Emma Ramsay and Alex White) (Australia); Masha Tupitsyn (United States); Ei Wada (Japan); Raymond Zada (Australia).

Brook Andrew’s De Anima can be seen at RMIT Design Hub from 12 December – 14 February 2015. Garry Stewart with Australian Dance Theatre’s Collision Course can be seen on the Big Screen, Federation Square at various times between 24–27 November and 9–12 February 2015.

Artistic Director: Jonathan Parsons

Associate Curators: Elise Routledge and Lubi Thomas